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Start your day with a tasty breakfast

a moment of delicious possibilities

In Hotel Perama all bookings come with breakfast included as we believe that a morning meal is the canvas upon which you paint your day. So enjoy your mornings with perfectly prepared snacks next to an outdoor setting with beautiful flowers or in your rooms which offer spectacular nature and sea views.

You experience

a delicate balance of warmth and form

Customers may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel. In Perama Hotel this is our main driver. Our staff welcomes you every day in the indoor and outdoor premises of Hotel Perama to create together new and unforgettable memories.

Coffees & Drinks

making memories, one drink at a time

A wide range of drinks for you to choose from can be found in our Cafe Bar. Whether it is wines, beers, coffee, juices, sodas, or beverages there is always something available to cater to all tastes. Enjoy your cocktail and relax while browsing through the rest of our menu.

Witness the Wonders

of the Ionian Sea

What Our Guests Say

we take pride in offering our guests the best experience

Meet Perama

where the Heart of Corfu beats strong

Things to Explore

Perama Hotel, situated centrally in Corfu, can serve as an exceptional base to explore the rest of the Island. Whether you enjoy relaxing on a sandy beach or rather wish to engage in social or cultural activities, the entertainment possibilities are truly endless!

Places to See

Corfu, with its rich architecture, history, tradition, and cultural and environmental heritage, is uniquely equipped to provide you with the pleasure of finding new places every day and making your vacation in Perama Hotel a truly epic journey of learning and discovery!

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