Achilleion Palace


This magnificent palace, constructed by the Empress of Austria Elisabeth, also known as Sissy, is a great cultural place close to the area of Perama, in the region of Gastouri. The architectural style was designed to suggest an ancient palace of mythical Phaeacia. As such, Sissy has placed lots of artworks related to Greek mythology and culture, including a wide variety of paintings and statues. The name of the Palace itself was inspired by the Greek champion of the Trojan War, Achilles. Today, the Achilleion Palace serves as a museum wherein anyone can admire the fine architecture, the different exhibits inspired by Greek Mythology, various furniture, fabrics, jewelry, and garments used by the Empress herself, as well as beautiful gardens full of colorful flowers and decorated with statues and other historical artifacts.



Achilleion is located at Gastouri, a village about 10 km south of the city of Corfu, and just 3 km away from Perama. It provides a panoramic view of the city of Corfu to the north, and to the southern part of the Island, framed by the Ionian Sea to the east. Highlights of the palace include the sculpture of Achilles in the well-landscaped gardens of the palace, offering panoramic views. When visiting this palace you will be able to watch the rooms where the Empress and her family lived along with some furniture and artworks. Rich wall paintings, as well as other artistic and decorative works, make this place a wonderful location to visit, providing a unique perspective into the Empress’s life. While there, do not miss the opportunity to see the picturesque royal gardens, also known as the Gardens of the Muses. Besides, this will provide an excellent opportunity to also visit the Gastouri village, which is considered one of the oldest and most traditional villages in Corfu.

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