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Many things make Corfu a unique destination. However, nothing compares to its long multi-themed musical and cultural tradition, which spans centuries, having generated countless artists, musicians, performers, and maestros of international recognition. And it is all thanks to its rich musical history, written down by 16 philharmonic bands and numerous choirs throughout the Island that offer continuous and free musical education to all. Testament to this extraordinary achievement are the numerous concerts, events, parades, festivals, or other musical happenings that take place in Corfu every year. No matter what period you visit Corfu, one thing is certain… In some road, alley, square, or hall, you may find a philharmonic band performing music like nowhere else. Do not miss the chance to become a witness to this history.


Corfu Philharmonic Band of Gastouri “Omonoia”

If you want to discover more about the music history of Corfu, then visit the ancient Corfu Philharmonic Band “Omonoia” in Gastouri, Corfu, which is the 3rd oldest musical band on Corfu Island and the oldest in Greece’s countryside. Just 3 km away from Hotel Perama, in the scenic village of Gastouri, you can find this historical institution that also hosts a museum of instruments and other musical content and traditional exhibits from its long – over 125 years – history. Tour its classrooms, talk to the musicians, or if lucky witness a live rehearsal as the musicians prepare for their next big musical event. You will not be disappointed!

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