Holy Church of Saint Spyridon


Τhe Holy Church of St. Spyridon – the Patron Saint of Corfu – is one of the most visited and widely-known temples on Corfu Island and the whole of Greece. Almost every person in Corfu, being a visitor or a local, heads to this holy place in the heart of Corfu to pray and pay their respect while admiring its hagiographies and religious decoration. Boasting a very tall, red bell tower (easily viewed from any part of Corfu City), St. Spyridon is very closely connected to Corfiots and Corfu traditions and is said to be the Saint who protected the Island from various epidemic diseases and against numerous enemy attacks.



The Holy Church of St. Spyridon is located centrally in the old part of Corfu Town, in a totally picturesque alleyway, featuring numerous gift, souvenir, and local products shops all around it. As the Patron Saint of Corfu, St. Spyridon is heavily celebrated all year around with countless events taking place in his name. During the summer period, special attribution is given on the 11th of August as it was established by a decision of the Venetian General Captain Andreou Pizanis, that on that day, and every year, the holy relic of the Saint was to be celebrated by a grand liturgical procession. This is because in the early hours of August 11, 1716, the Ottoman siege, which began on the 24th of June, suddenly ended with the miraculous intervention of St. Spyridon. In fact, it is said that many soldiers saw the Saint coming out of his temple on the night of the 10th in the form of a monk surrounded by angelic forces, threatening the Muslims with a lighted torch, a move which panicked them and caused them to flee. From that day onwards, the Ottoman troops quit all their efforts to pass and conquer central Europe.

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