The seaside tourist resort with an unobstructed view of Corfu’s most iconic landmarks, the Vlacherna Monastery and legendary Mouse Island.

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A passage to the most beautiful places of Corfu


This seaside, tourist resort is an ideal base from which to view some of the best places of interest in Corfu. Just 7.5 km from Corfu city center, Perama boasts some of the most special views to be admired on the Island. The place features mostly holiday apartments and hotels, as well as a selection of restaurants and traditional taverns where you can have dinner admiring romantic sights of the Ionian Sea. With unparalleled views of popular landmarks, such as the Vlacherna Monastery and Mouse Island (Pontikonisi) which are major tourist attractions and where Greek and foreign films have been shot in the past, you can’t help but want to photograph them for yourself! The bridge connecting Perama to the opposite area of Kanoni is a popular choice for walks during the day or night, with visitors gazing at planes as they land at the airport close by. Besides, both Perama and Kanoni belong to NATURA 2000 protected areas and are characterized by beautiful natural sceneries. If you enjoy long walks in nature, follow the wooded trail that leads you from Perama to Gastouri. On the edge of this trail lies the famous Achilleion Palace. The formerly royal resort was originally built as a retreat for Empress Elizabeth of Austria, who greatly admired the Greek culture. On the way you will also have the chance to admire the old stone mansions and enjoy the lush natural setting, with abundant cypress and olive trees shading your path. Shopping in Perama includes some gift shops but if you want more options you can easily reach Benitses, located approximately 4 km to the south. Along the way, you will also witness the characteristic Kaiser’s Bridge. It bears the name of the German Emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, who purchased the Palace of Achilleion after the death of Sissy, the Empress of Austria. This bridge, which seems to float on water, is a unique construction, with special techniques that allow direct access to seawater and, of course, the opportunity to enjoy the most amazing views of the Ionian Sea in absolute privacy. Do not miss the chance to stay in Perama Hotel and tour this wonderful place and perhaps enjoy a beverage or meal whilst taking in its tranquil surroundings.

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